• Eastern Cincinnati Conference article

    The Eastern Cincinnati Conference recognizes the partnership of There's More at Stake than a Game® and Milford Athletics!  The article is pasted b...
  • Video Links- Milford Schools

    Link to video featured at games: to feature on Local 12:
  • FAQ from friends - post #2

    After the initial idea for There's More at Stake than a Game was formed, one of the first things I did was look for apparel.  Apparel that people would WANT to wear and would look GREAT!  After all, the purpose of this mission ISN'T apparel.  It's about a MESSAGE.  There's More at Stake than a Game!  That message needs to be seen, and it won't be seen if it's on a cheap t-shirt sitting in someone's closet.  
  • FAQ from friends

    Answer to questions like

    -Are you part of a Franchise?"

    -Is this an "everybody gets a trophy type of thing?

    -Are my school colors available?

  • Thank you! We're making a difference!

    A little background on our business. 
  • It only takes one...

    The Cougars and Hawks were playing each other for the division title...for 4th grade boys' basketball.   The Hawks were getting crushed.  It looked...
  • Who are we?

     "Come on!!!  She's got like 50 pounds on her!"

    I remember the day vividly.  

    12 year old girls on the soccer field.