FAQ from friends

Question:  "Are you part of some franchise or did you buy into some existing business?

Answer:  No.  This is a small, one person (me) business based in Loveland, Ohio.  There's More at Stake than a Game originated from an idea I had about a way to help with a growing problem youth sports.  


Question:  "Is this an 'everybody get a trophy' type of thing?

Answer:  Definitely, no!  I rarely even let my children win board games against me when they were very young!  Learning how to work hard to earn something is an important part of life.  Learning how to win and lose is also an important part of life.  


Question: "But the parents who aren't the problem are most likely the ones who will wear the gear."

Answer:  Maybe.  Either way, wearing the gear provides positive peer pressure at sporting events.  It's a little like how people try not to swear, etc. if they know a preacher is in the room.  When people see the phrase, they have a visual reminder of what truly matters.  It reshapes our thinking.  That's the power of marketing!  It influences us.


Question: "Can I order my school colors?"

Answer: Sure!  I am able to adjust the colors of apparel and print!


I hope this info is helpful!  Keep the questions coming!  

Thanks again for all of the positive feedback and for your support!