FAQ from friends - post #2

Question:  Seems like there are a lot of items on the website!  Why?

Answer:  I HATE cheap t-shirts.  I have soooo many cheap t-shirts that I've purchased for one reason or another.  Short sleeved.  Long sleeved.  And they just sit in my closet...sometimes for about a decade.  I don't wear them.  They aren't comfortable.  They don't fit right.  Do I wear them to work out?  No.  They aren't even good for working out.  I wear those cheap t-shirts if I am working on something around the house and may ruin a shirt.  

After the initial idea for There's More at Stake than a Game was formed, one of the first things I did was look for apparel.  Apparel that people would WANT to wear and would look GREATAfter all, the purpose of this mission ISN'T apparel.  It's about a MESSAGE.  There's More at Stake than a Game!  That message needs to be seen, and it won't be seen if it's on a cheap t-shirt sitting in someone's closet.  

Question:  How do I navigate the website?

Answer:  The easiest way is to click on "Men" "Women" "Youth" or "Accessories" at the top.  From there you need to click on an item of interest in order to see the available COLORS.  Be sure to select that color in the drop box.  (Clicking on the picture doesn't change the color listed in the drop box.)

Question:  How do I know my size?

Answer:  This is the worst thing about ordering online.  But have no fear!  There is a Size Chart for each item!!


I hope this info is helpful!  Keep the questions coming!  

Thanks again for all of the positive feedback and for your support!