Thank you! We're making a difference!

Thank you for sharing There's More at Stake than a Game™ posts and ordering the gear!  I can't wait to see the positive impact we will make together in youth sports!

A little background on our business.  We are based in Loveland, OH and registered as an LLC in the state of Ohio.  Most of our printing takes place in Detroit, MI and the remainder of our printing takes place in Charlotte, NC.  

Why would a Mom with no marketing experience decide to create a business relying heavily on marketing?  What made me take action?  Two things really.  

The first occurred during a casual conversation.  I work in a teaching position with children in junior high through high school.  One day, I had a conversation with a child psychologist about the pressures on children in school today that we didn't face in my generation.  We began talking about youth sports.  I made the statement, "There's more at stake than a game!" and told him my idea.  His eyes lit up, and he encouraged me to move forward.  There is a huge need for this movement!  Sports used to be an outlet for children.  Now it's just another area of pressure where many are traveling with elementary aged children to place them in high pressure tournaments, etc.  I'm not knocking that.  I've certainly traveled out of state with both of my children when they were that age.  But the reality is the pressures on our youth are starting earlier and earlier, both academically and in extracurriculars.  

The second thing is that my daughter, a young teen who plays sports herself, began working as a referee in soccer.  I have watched a few of her games because it is adorable!  Kids on the field are so young and often still go the wrong direction.  The ball is up to their knees at this age, and they're just having a blast!  I reminisce about when my kids were that age while wondering how it is that they have grown so much!  My daughter refs children from ages 3 to around 7.  Even at this young age, I've occasionally heard parents say hurtful things along the sidelines and have seen coaches warned for behavior.  Why?  Because they are caught up in the game.  Or feel they are "defending" their child.  Or I remember a time I learned that a Dad who had been ejected from a game was going through a difficult divorce that we didn't know about.  Or maybe a Mom had a rough day at work and this is where it came out.  

The bottom line is that attitudes are contagious.  These negative things are less likely to happen when we stress positivity.  When you try to make only positive comments, it makes a difference!  

Thanks again for all or your support!  Please continue to share the posts and the idea!  You are making a difference in the lives of our youth!