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 "Come on!!!  She's got like 50 pounds on her!"

I remember the day vividly.  

12 year old girls on the soccer field.  One of the girls - we'll call her Kaitlin - was sometimes self-conscious because she was bigger than the other girls.  Kaitlin was a really good soccer player!  In this game she scored a goal, flashed that infectious smile, and everyone had to smile!

Kaitlin was then placed on defense and the girl she was playing against - we'll call her Annie - was definitely smaller.  That size difference happens a lot with 12 year old girls.  Annie just couldn't get the ball no matter how hard she tried because she just didn't have the skillset to overcome her smaller stature.  

Annie's mother was obviously becoming agitated watching Annie's frustration.  But as the mother's emotions grew, she directed it in the wrong way.  The mother yelled to the ref...

"Come on!!!  She's got like 50 pounds on her!"

Kaitlin's smile fell.  She looked absolutely crushed.  

I knew in that moment that those words would likely have life-long implications for Kaitlin.

Our team's parents stepped in to say that was a low blow.  The mother didn't stop.  Fortunately, the ref made her leave.  But that didn't stop the damage that had been done to Kaitlin.  

I soon learned after telling that horrific story to friends that they would quickly reply with their own, equally horrific stories.  I realized, this is an unfortunate, unacceptable epidemic affecting youth sports.  

Competitive kids often come from competitive parents.  In youth sports, you're dealing with people's children and their money...there's no emotion there, right!?  I know I've certainly become emotional watching my children play!

Most people maintain their composure, but even one parent or coach not doing so can yield life-long consequences to a child.  

There's where There's More at Stake than a Game comes into play.  By wearing our apparel and using our products, you are pledging to only say positive things at sporting events.  

"Great job!"  

"Nice try"

Not only are you making a pledge, you are a visual reminder to others to do the same!  Positive peer pressure among the parents and coaches.  

Just that one reminder may be all it takes to make the difference in the life of a child who may end up on the wrong end of hurtful actions.  

Thank you in advance for your support!!

~Lori Carnathan